Living Nature Soothing Shave Cream

Living Nature was established in 1987 by Suzanne Hall who set out to make a living for her family.  After studying analytical chemistry and various natural therapies, Suzanne decided to aspire into health care.  While taking classes she determined, the primary depiction of your health resides in your skin.

Considering her background in natural therapies and her adolescent battle with acne, Suzanne developed an all natural skin care line based on the botanical elements found in New Zealand.  Why New Zealand? Why not. The organic nature of the island and its seclusion make it an ideal place to live and work.

Kerikeri, the home of all things Living Nature is all that; secluded, botanical and Shangra-Lai.

A couple of ingredient used in Living Nature’s shave cream fit the bill; Manuka Honey and cleansing Kumerahou . An incredibly versatile plant, Manuka has long been valued for its healing properties. Kumerahou has the wonderful ability to lather by just rubbing the flowers and leaves together in water.

Benefits from Manuka and Kemerahou include: Antimicrobial and biologically active qualities as well as gentle cleansing and anti-microbial

Living Nature has recently reformulated their entire men’s skin care line to provide you with the natural essential oils that benefit your skin.

I recently stumbled onto Living Nature of New Zealand’s hand soap in the loo on an Air New Zealand flight. Great stuff! I thought. I wonder if they stock any shave products? Further research later I found a great product with a great story.
Living Nature of New Zealand”s Honey Soothing Shaving Cream is for dry and sensitive skin, so I would expect it to be a light cream that’s oil-free.  (Should go on light and end grease-free after rinse. No residue).  I’m happy to say, This product lives up to its billing.

Unique packaging.  It’s recyclable, comes in a dark, brownish-black, half-round package that can be stood on end or laid flat lengthwise on your bathroom shelf. Looks like Gucci’s eye glass case.

If you stand it on end, it’s ready to use.  Just flip the lid and squirt it out.
They spent some time and thought about it.  I wouldn’t buy the product for the packaging alone, but it is very unique.  You’ll recognize it right away.

The Product:
It’s light with a milky consistency. Don’t expect lather, it’s not a foam-it-up shave cream. Rather, Living Nature shave cream is goes on easy, won’t irritate and rinses off without oily residue.  The Manuka oil provides moisturizing and Witch Hazel provides anti septic qualities to the product.  The scent is neutral, so it’s not overpowering.  I like that in a product. Scent should not be overpowering even if it’s famous.

Did I mention this product is all natural?  Living Nature’s Shave Cream is certified by BDIH, the Association of German Industries and Trading Firms. BDIH only certify ‘safe’ and ‘green’ products and do not allow any of the unsafe synthetic ingredients now commonly found in many personal care products.


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