More Ubuntu Heron Problems

Posted by on May 19, 2008 in tech tips, Ubuntu, Upgrades | 2 comments


We have covered the problems with certain SATA equipped motherboards dropping to BusyBox and not completing the install. Well now it looks like there are some additional issues related to this release –

So I’m in the installation sequence now. I pick the option to install Grub and I get dropped into the partitioning sequence. Thinking that I just have to mount the partition, I declare the standing partition array as the one I want, and step through, making sure not to format anything in the process.

Next thing I know, Ubuntu is installing itself again.

Waitaminute! How did we get from Rescue Mode to the installation process? And how do I stop this thing from overwriting the system that’s already in place installed and updated?! I broke out of the installer, praying that it hadn’t destroyed four hours of work, and a nearly-ready-for-delivery computer.

It had.

Grub popped up on reboot with an error 15. I tried the Arch disc, I tried a Crux disc and nothing could find that partition as active. The partitions were there, but there was nothing in them. I know I didn’t reformat them, but through some sort of skullduggery they were empty. So much for salvaging the system(s). I don’t know where Windows went, but the partitions were dataless, the system was systemless and I was left with steam coming out of my ears.

It is clear that are some issues with the 8.04 release as far as installs go. It seems to lack the robustness of Feisty or Gutsy in that regard. What make this more tragic is that Heron is a Long Term Release. 5yr for server, 3 for Desktop.

Canonical needs to do some tweaking.

Update: Tightwad is not the only one noting Heron issues. The Matt Cutts blog has more here. I only hope that Canonical can address these issues quickly. An LTS release should be as error free as possible. Its the base for thier $$ streams in the commercial marketplace.



  1. It’s really hard to believe that this didn’t show up in testing. After all one giant advantage of open source project is the number of testers and diversity of platforms in the testing pool.

  2. agreed. Too many other sources are showing anything from bad install problems to nitty usage issues. My gut says Heron was probably rushed on release.