Ubuntu Going After NetTops

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Ubuntu IS going after the NetTop market. There is already a Ubuntu Remix well underway. From Mark Shuttleworth’s blog –

The Canonical OEM team has been approached by a number of OEM’s who want to sell netbooks (small, low-cost laptops with an emphasis on the web) based on Ubuntu. Almost universally, they’ve asked for standard Ubuntu packages and updates, with an app launcher that’s more suited to new users and has the feeling of a “device” more than a PC.

There are some very cool launchers out there – AWN is a current favourite of mine – but people seem to prefer the more 2-dimensional tabbed approach, so the OEM team implemented a lightweight but still very classy launcher for this use case. The work received a detailed review in Ars Technica and has been covered in Free Software Magazine and elsewhere.

Is it a good idea? Probably. With some 10m units expected to be sold over the next few years; even a 20% take is a sizable installed base.

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