“Gee…No GTE!”

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If you remember that line in the commercial you are also old enough to know that Sylvania was once a GTE subsidiary. GTE having long since disappeared as Verizon. Sylvania still exists and is best known as a provider of lighting components — bulbs and fixtures. Well that’s not all they are lighting up. Now they too are into the UMPC netbook market –

Free yourself from clumsy electronics and enjoy uncompromising mobility with the g netbook. Smaller and lighter than a laptop, the g netbook was meant to be used anywhere life takes you. Access pictures, music, movies and the web without the bulk of a laptop. Discover the netbook — the next generation in personal productivity.

Discover the netbook — the next generation in personal productivity.

Travel Light
Less than 2 lbs. and ultra portable, the g netbook won’t weight you down

Stay Connected
Perfect for the campus, coffee shop or airport

Won’t Break the Bank
Affordable price that fits anyone’s lifestyle

The unit will sport the gOS that broke open the category with WalMart and the < $200 desktop. Product information is here. It looks very much like the eePC in form with little difference in external form factor.

But Sylvania is not alone. A new model is hitting the market, was announced a week ago. Razorbook. Priced at $299 this UMPC will run a modified Windows XP OS. Press release here.

If you don’t really need a UMPC but would want one, wait till January. This end of the market is getting beyond crowded. After the Xmas season many are going to drop out and others will discount heavily. Come January Geeks will probably have UMPCs by the boatload at the $150-200 level. That’s when to buy.