MIPS ports Andriod

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andriodLooking down the road not that far…….. Cheap Andriod devices.  MIPS has announced a port of the mobile OS to its line of  processors.  With another player in the Andriod chip business, designers have more options. Plus, competition improves products on faster cycles and lowers prices.  It could be that there will be a Tightwad friendly Andriod coming.

The action continues around Linux and open source in the embedded software space, where this week we are hearing that MIPS Technologies, a provider of processor technology for a range of networking, mobile, consumer and other devices, is open sourcing its port of the Linux-based Android OS software. MIPS announced its port of Android, a product of Google and the Open Handset Alliance, two months ago, and now says it is making source code available under the open source Apache 2.0 license. It is also initiating an Early Access Program of hardware and code optimizations for a few key customers, which will be announced later. This last part may seem somewhat antithetical to open source, but it may also serve to provide the early direction and structure to foster a useful open source software community, provided the source code is actually publicly available under an OSI-approved open source license. (The 451 Group)



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