Will Windows 7 co-opt the netbook?

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asuseeekeyboardpcNetbooks were conceived as a Linux platform and the first used non-Intel CPU’s. Intel has grabbed the majority market share in record time. Microsoft hopes to do the same with a crippled version of Windows 7. With it launch, a flood of Windows powered netbooks have flooded the market this week. Prices obviously include a significant Microsoft tax. While Windows and Intel seem to have co-opted the netbook, they have clearly missed one essential netbook mission: To provide an adequate platform for basic automation, browsing and communication at a price under $200.

Intel seems to be aware that an high priced, bloated OS has no place in in the future the minimalist computing environment. To that end here’s a presentation on Moblin a Linux for netbooks by Dirk Hohndel of Intel’s Open Source Technology.Center

A fanatical bias for speed, he asserts, is crucial. He cites Moblin’s boot process as an example of a delicate balance – the need to boot quickly, to provide computing resources as soon as possible, while preserving an understandable user experience.

Noting the lack of innovation in the Linux graphics-processing domain, Hohndel explains how Intel undertook re-inventing the Linux user experience. This meant dealing with inherent conflicts between the 2D and 3D graphics subsystems, and the legacy practice of running the XWindows subsystem as a root-privileged process – all to deliver a graphical UI of an elegance unseen on netbooks to date. (IT Conversations)



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